Get ready to experience the most immersive escape rooms in the Capital Region. 

“The Cave” is the first of three high-tech escape rooms to open at Howe Caverns.
Do you think YOU know HOWE TO ESCAPE!?

Experience the Escape! Capture the Adventure!

The Ultra-Max penitentiary known as “The Cave” houses the most notorious criminal geniuses in the country. Built 15 stories underground, The Cave has the latest in cutting-edge escape deterrent technology deployed in the facility. Many infamous individuals have spent the waning years of their lives behind its triple-reinforced cell walls and state-of-the-art security systems. This distinguished clientele has resulted in multiple escape attempts, but none have been successful… until now! A motley crew of the criminal elite, led by maniacal mastermind, Stu “The Flu” Galopso, have done the impossible and breached the confines of their containment sector. Society’s most dangerous and unpredictable fugitives are now at large, and only YOU can stop them!

The players take on the role of Federal Agents charged with investigating the escape of Gallopso and his crew, hoping to catch them before they make it to the surface. As they enter the cells of The Cave, the sector suddenly goes into full lockdown! The mind of the criminally insane works in mysterious ways, and Stu has decided to keep an eye on his former abode. He has maintained control of the sector’s systems, and activates the prison’s security countermeasures to work against them. The Agents have 60 minutes to evade the rogue countermeasures and escape The Cave if they hope to catch their culprits before The Flu has a chance to spread!

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