Howe To Escape: Team Building?

Teams that play well together, work well together!

At Howe To Escape, we embrace this concept to create fun and interactive experiences for your staff!

Locked in a room, your team members must work together for a common goal – escape! This requires everyone to use their varied skills to decipher clues and complete challenges hidden throughout the room. Everyone needs to communicate effectively to handle the unexpected challenges that will be encountered, and quickly realize that flexibility and open mindedness are essential for success.

Your team will celebrate multiple collective victories along the way as all members contribute to the solution, and group decisions are critical as the clock ticks down to 00:00.

How will our Escape Rooms help you improve your team?
Our intricately designed escape rooms include challenging puzzles that are designed to help your team members appreciate each others strengths, and everyone contributes! This shared experience provides insight into your group’s performance, and a professional team building experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere can be more appreciated than traditional techniques.

Are there benefits of taking your team through our escape rooms?
Absolutely! Your team will experience a sense of accomplishment as they succeed as a group, through everyone’s combined efforts. They can gain valuable mutual respect and understanding for their co-workers and reap the benefits of quality communication. Escape Rooms challenges can enhance the bond between coworkers, create deeper friendships, and generate a sense of camaraderie as colleagues all work for a common goal.

Special packages and pricing is available if a group or corporation of 20 or more book the escape room along with a cave tour.

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