Each game costs $30 per person (plus tax).

book the cave tour and escape room together, the escape room is only $25 plus tax per person.

Escape rooms are an interactive, immersive, real-life gaming experience where players have full control over the outcome of the game.  You will be solving puzzles and locating clues in order to “escape” the room in a predetermined amount of time.  It is a fun activity for most ages, in any weather and for any occasion.  Escape rooms are especially popular as a  teambuilding activity for groups or businesses, as well as milestone events such as birthdays.

We are open 7 days a week starting at 9 a.m. daily. We accept online and phone reservations booked at least 2 hours in advance.*Please note: the Business Office is Closed on Sundays. Therefore, phone reservations cannot be accepted on Sundays.

Absolutely not. Get one ticket or a few, and you’ll be teamed with other people in the same game. *Please note: The minimum number of people required to play Ultra Max Lockdown-The Cave is 2 people (we recommend 3-8 people). The room will not be considered “booked” for any time slot until at least 2 tickets have been purchased.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation time as the scheduled games will start promptly. If you don’t know when that is, you probably won’t be making it out of your room! 😊  Upon arrival you will need to complete a waiver and watch a short instructional video.  Late arrivals may be admitted, but your 60 minute window cannot be extended, so you will have less game time. No refunds will be offered for late arrivals or no-shows.

Yes, we soon will have a total of three rooms. However, each room may only be attempted one time. Please pay attention to which room you are signing up for since you will want to experience a new adventure each time.  New rooms are presently being developed.

Absolutely – reservations are available at the time that’s best for you. Please contact us if you have a specific date and time you would like to reserve that is outside of our normal hours and/or if you have a group of 6 or more people.

No.  The door you enter from acts as both an entrance and an emergency exit and is never locked. You may exit and return to the room at any time, but only in case of emergency or urgency. If you exit the room during your session, we will not stop the clock. Once the clock starts, it will not stop for any reason. We urge customers to use the restroom prior to their session to avoid having to interrupt their session. Should you wish to exit a room, simply contact our staff with your walkie-talkie and you will be promptly let out but cannot come back in.

We do accept walk-in’s IF the room has not already been booked. In order to book a room, the balance must be paid in full at the time of booking.  On-line booking is highly recommended in order to choose the day and time that best works for you.

The MINIMUM number of players is Four (4). If you book LESS than four (4) players, you will need ADDITIONAL people to book the same game time with you. It is possible that your party will be grouped with other players until the maximum of eight (8) players is reached. To avoid this situation, we recommend booking all eight (8) spots for your group.  Our Ultra Max Lockdown-The Cave, can have up to 10 players, but if one party books 8 spots, the room will be considered full.

Each escape room holds 8 people. If you want the ENTIRE room for your group only, you must book all eight (8) spots, even if you have less than 8 people, however, a MINIMUM of two (2) people MUST play in order for the game to be valid. Ultra Max Lockdown-The Cave, can accommodate 10 players, but buying all 8 spots will be considered a private partyWe will make an attempt to fill each room to capacity by placing separate groups of people together. If you would like your group to exclusively have a room, you have three choices: 1) Have enough people in your group to fill the room to capacity, 2) purchase the maximum capacity of the tickets available for a room, or 3) reserve your room with less than the maximum capacity and hope nobody else books for the same time.

We understand that things can come up, however, there are no refunds for any paid reservation. There are also no refunds for no shows, cancellations, or showing with a reduced number of players. Please be aware that our rooms are live action events that most people book days or weeks in advance, so once your booking is confirmed, refunds or reschedules are not accepted.

Any corporate/ team building/ large party booking that received the corporate/private party discount MUST give 72 hours notice in order to make any changes or to cancel.

It really depends… some health conditions may pose considerable safety risks. If you have a pace-maker, severe heart conditions, epilepsy, claustrophobia, are pregnant, or have a physical disability which makes standing, crawling, or climbing difficult, we may politely ask you to not participate. Remember, our staff reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

Though all of our puzzles are designed for adult minds, we welcome all ages. However, if any member of your party is 15 years of age or under, there must be at least one adult chaperone to accompany in the room being played.  If any member of your party is 10 years or under, you must purchase all tickets for a room to ensure it is a private game as a courtesy to our other customers.

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty.  You should also bring reading glasses if you would normally use them for reading and low light conditions.  You will encounter both in an escape room.  We will provide you with pens and paper if needed to solve clues.

We do not allow phones or cameras inside the experiences.  Phones, cameras, and any items you do not wish to carry with you will be stored in a locker and you will hold on to the key until your experience is complete.

Once the room is locked, you have 60 minutes to uncover clues and solve puzzles. It’s up to your team to crack the codes in time!  No cheat codes and no unfair advantages will be given by our team!  However, clues can be asked for when at a standstill.  Once your 60 minutes have expired, you must leave the room. There will be another group following immediately after you, so we need time to reset the room for the new group.

If your team fails to solve all of the puzzles before the clock runs out at 60 minutes, the room will explode and your bodies will be blown into tiny pieces.  No, seriously, if you fail to get out in less than 60 minutes, you still will have had an awesome time with laughter, nerves, intrigue and maybe a little bit of anxiety as you tried to beat the clock.


While we won’t give you any clues prior to visiting one of our rooms, we can give you a few tips that will ensure you have a great experience at Howe To Escape:

  • The most successful teams remain organized and communicate well with each other.
  • If you are entering the room with people you don’t know, come early so you can have time to get to know your team. They may have some skills that could help in the game.
  • When you find a new clue, be sure to tell the entire team. The clue you find might be for a puzzle on which someone else is working.
  • Don’t misplace or forget any clues. Keep everything organized so you don’t forget something vital to escape.
  • All of our games have a theme. While not required, consider dressing for the theme of the room. It will add to the mood and the experience.
  • Your escape room experience will last 60 minutes, so please consider using the restroom prior to entering the room.
  • Plan to arrive about 15-30 minutes before your scheduled time slot. This will give us time to get you checked-in, collect your liability waivers, and explain the rules to you, PLUS you will have plenty of time to relax in our cafe and have a beer, wine or soft drink before your session begins. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot add people to a session after it has begun. If you come late, you will not be allowed to enter the room.  DON’T BE LATE!!
    Also we reserve the right to refuse participation of any individual that appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Please Call For More Information

(518) 296-8900